an MBE/ FBE/ EDGE certified company

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Hospital - Associate Construction Manager


About Us

The Coniglio Company, an Ohio corporation (1994), is owned by Ms. Gwenay S. Reaze-Coniglio, President and Mr. Thomas N. Coniglio, Vice President. The Coniglio Company began as a small general contractor with three (3) employees completing small general contracts in the private sector. Gwenay revised the business plan in 2001 and has grown the company to over 25 field and management employees completing projects in the private, public and government sectors. The Coniglio Company has now done work in ten (10) states including Nevada.

Gwenay has methodically built the company through hiring key management and field personnel, along with its member affiliations, to develop core competencies in the areas of construction management and general contracting. The Coniglio Company is signatory with the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters.

The Coniglio Company maintains the following certifications:

City of Cleveland: MBE, FBE, CSB, LPE

Cuyahoga County: SBE

State Of Ohio: EDGE